Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hair Steaming

Well, I’m sure you guys are familiar with the term hair steaming. It seems to be all the rage in the healthy hair care world. But why?

Hair steaming is the process of conditioning the hair using steam. Using steam helps your favorite oils and conditioners penetrate the hair shaft and follicles more deeply, infusing your strands inside and out with moisture. Steaming also stimulates the scalp by causing increased blood flow and circulation. It helps to loosen and relax the scalp. There are mainly two different types of hair steamers, a table top version and a professional, like those you see at a hair salon. While many like the convenience and space-saving benefits of a table top steamer, many of the professional ones are quite affordable and much sturdier. I personally, prefer a stand up steamer because it's larger and seemingly more powerful than its tabletop counterpart. Still, no matter what type of steamer you choose the benefits remain the same, the most common being increased moisture. I’m sure all of us realize that moisture is often the main culprit of shedding and breakage with afro-textured hair. Afro-textured hair is more prone to drying out and resulting breakage. However, any hair type can certainly reap the benefits of hair steaming. Steaming makes hair more manageable. It’s an excellent regimen addition for anyone “stretching” their relaxers or transitioning to natural hair.

Now the how, while many may not have access to table top or professional steamers, you can still reap its many benefits by using an alternate method. You might try wetting a towel or Turbie Twist, placing it in the microwave 30-60 seconds, carefully place the hot towel/cap on clean hair, “smothered” in your favorite conditioner or oil, and cover with two plastic caps. Adding a knit cap or scarf will also help hold in the heat and moisture. Allow the cap to remain on for 15-30 minutes. Note: Once your done steaming, rinse my hair with cool water to help close up the follicle and hair cuticle and leave the hair shiny and smooth. If you haven’t tried steaming yet, stop delaying! Check out its many benefits:

1. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!!

2. Increased Shine

3. Increased manageability of new growth

4. Softer hair

5. Less hair breakage
6. Decrease in dandruff cause by dry scalp

7. Easy detangling

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