Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bald Edges

Hey Ladies I have found a problem that some of us suffer with, and that's balding edges. Some may think they have tried everything but some of the simplest things can prevent and even help those edges to grow back. If you love micro braids or braids of any kind for that matter just don't do it. Braids causes stress on edges from the pulling. In some cases the hair can actually be pulled from the scalp from the excessive stress. Another thing give up the phony pony. Usually when trying to put hair into a pony tail we try to get it as smooth as possible, which means tugging until all parts lay down. Stop. You are hurting your edges. You also do not need to keep putting gel on the thinning hair, while it may give you a satisfying appearance, your edges are still suffering. Try to refrain from getting a touch up while your edges are in a weak state. Adding chemicals to an already thinning hair will just speed up the process. While not having a touch up may seem like a hard task you should not turn to the flat iron. A flat iron can be just as bad as using chemicals, because of the high temperatures involved in flat ironing. Show your edges you care by massaging the affected area. Make sure to massage and not rub, because rubbing the affected area will further the problem. Moisturize the area and wear styles that require little to no stress on the edges. Remember you must maintain your regime to get your edges back, because if you don't then the hairline will keep receding. Getting back those edges takes time and patience, and chances are it will take several weeks before you begin to see improvement. However, do not be discouraged, because in the end you will have a head full of healthy locs.

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